TUVIA - "Progressive / Psychedelic Pop. TUVIA's music is experimental, dreamy and very uniquely composed. Between electronic sounds and laid back beats, emerge crystal clear melodies carried by Assaf's soothing voice."

Debut-Album "Sad but Happy"

Assaf Tuvia - Vocals, Guitars, Bass & Synth 
Johannes Metzger - Drums 
Dekel Tuvia - Bass, Track 1 
Richard Müller - Bass, Track 2 & 5 
Phillip Dornbusch - Sax, Track 2 
Omri Abramov - Sax, Track 4 
Tal Yadin - Guitar Solo, Track 6 

Mix & Master by Jonathan Jacobi at Jaffa Sound Arts 
Drums recorded at Caro Studios, Berlin 
Design by Danielle Tönurist 
All songs written and produced by Assaf Tuvia

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